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Parker's Prestolok fittings lead the industry in breadth and depth of offering of push-to-connect fittings, flow control valves and check valves for pneumatic automation systems.  Prestolok is available in composite and nickel plated brass designs for both metric and inch size tubing.  Threaded connection types include NPT, UNF, BSPP, BSPT and metric with inch-to-metric conversions configurations readily available. Don't forget we have brass pipe fittings and adapters to complete your push-to-connect air fitting system.  
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Prestolok Composite W369PLP - InchView Variants »Prestolok Composite W369PLP - Inch Prestolok Composite W369PLP - Inch-BSPTView Variants »Prestolok Composite W369PLP - Inch-BSPT Prestolok Composite W369PLP - Metric-BSPTView Variants »Prestolok Composite W369PLP - Metric-BSPT
Prestolok Composite W369PLP - Metric-InchView Variants »Prestolok Composite W369PLP - Metric-Inch Prestolok Composite 369PLP - Metric-BSPPView Variants »Prestolok Composite 369PLP - Metric-BSPP Prestolok Composite W369PLPX - InchView Variants »Prestolok Composite W369PLPX - Inch
Prestolok Composite W369PLPX - Metric-BSPTView Variants »Prestolok Composite W369PLPX - Metric-BSPT Prestolok Composite 369PLPX - Metric-BSPPView Variants »Prestolok Composite 369PLPX - Metric-BSPP Prestolok Composite W371PLP - InchView Variants »Prestolok Composite W371PLP - Inch
Prestolok Composite W371PLP - Metric-BSPTView Variants »Prestolok Composite W371PLP - Metric-BSPT Prestolok Composite 371PLP - Metric-BSPPView Variants »Prestolok Composite 371PLP - Metric-BSPP Prestolok Composite W372PLP - InchView Variants »Prestolok Composite W372PLP - Inch
Prestolok Composite W372PLP - Inch-BSPTView Variants »Prestolok Composite W372PLP - Inch-BSPT Prestolok Composite 32PLPDJBView Variants »Prestolok Composite 32PLPDJB Prestolok Composite W372PLP - Metric-BSPTView Variants »Prestolok Composite W372PLP - Metric-BSPT
Prestolok Composite 369PLPBJBView Variants »Prestolok Composite 369PLPBJB Prestolok Composite W372PLP - Metric-InchView Variants »Prestolok Composite W372PLP - Metric-Inch Prestolok Composite 369PLPTJBView Variants »Prestolok Composite 369PLPTJB
Prestolok Composite 372PLP - Metric-BSPPView Variants »Prestolok Composite 372PLP - Metric-BSPP Prestolok Composite W379PLP - InchView Variants »Prestolok Composite W379PLP - Inch Prestolok Composite W379PLP - Metric-BSPTView Variants »Prestolok Composite W379PLP - Metric-BSPT
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